27 October, 2011

Meet Natty dog

I know, I know, another week of slacking. But really, it's been a littleeee boring around here! So I had a good idea! (Go with me here..) I've been blogging for a little over a year now, but haven't really given our family a proper introduction. I thought I would dedicate a post to each of us so as to let you better understand our little family. To get warmed up, I thought I would start with the youngest family member, so without further ado, allow me to introduce Natty!

Introducing the Volheim family:
Natty's edition

Meet our baby. This Natty Volheim. Born on December 3rd, 2007, but became a Volheim in January of 2008.
(How was I NOT supposed to bring this little precious home?!)
(Whoa.. we look like babies too!)

Stephen and I had been dating a little over a month and I decided one morning that I wanted to get a puppy. At the time I was living with two roommates in one of the girl's parents' rental house. I had always, always, always wanted an English bulldog(still do). I was browsing the classified ads in the paper and found an ad for English bulldog puppies for $100. I should have realized this couldn't be real since I had been looking for one for a while and hadn't seen one cheaper than $1,000.

Well, I convinced Stephen that we needed to make the hour drive to Alabama to check out the puppies in the ad. We were going "just to look". Well they were far too precious, and the living conditions were terrible. They had multiple litters of different breeds of puppies in chicken wire make shift cages all over the property. They had several adult dogs running around, not to mention cats, chickens, goats, and pigs. It was pretty gross.

After about 45 minutes of playing with all the puppies, I knew I couldn't leave without my little white baby dog. So our boy came home with us that day. Best $100 I ever spent! (Even if he turned out not to be my English bulldog dream dog) The whole ride home we debated over puppy names. Keep in mind we were 19 and 21, and we ended up settling on Natty (yes, as in Natty Light the cheap beer) I probably should have checked with my roommate's parents before buying the dog, because it turns out they didn't want pets in the house. Call me crazy, but I was already in love with this little furball so I ended up moving out of that house and into another rental with a friend.

Boy am I glad we did! Cause that little love has become my best friend. He follows me around, he sleeps curled up on me(yes, were those dog people that lets him in our bed). Since he was a puppy and to this day, if I'm at home alone and take a shower, he lays in front of the bathroom door until I'm done. He doesn't do it when Stephen is home, only if I'm alone. He's such a little protector!

He was my companion all of last year while Stephen was in BMT and tech school. He can be rowdy and crazy. He loves to swim, run, jump up on you, fetch, chase squirrels and about anything else. But when he knows I'm sad, he doesn't leave my side. If I cry he's still as can be and just lays by me and lets me cry all over him. He is my child until we have any human babies, and then it will be an adjustment for all of us!

But trust me, it isn't just me. He's a daddy's boy too! Those two can lay on the couch and watch tv together all day. He loves to ride in the car with him too, Nat doesn't care where he's going. He just likes to ride with his head out the window! He was so good at keeping me company while Stephen was gone, but boy did he miss his buddy too! You should have seen him. He learned quickly the sound Skype made when it came on, and he knew it meant he could see and hear his Dad. He could be sound asleep in the other room and as soon as he heard me turning Skype on he came running because he knew Stephen would be there to talk to him. Seriously, it was crazy! I wish I had a video of it because it was hilarious. The only proof I have are a few missing keys on my laptop from Natty's over excitement!

(Glad to have Daddy home!)

Our little furball grew fast into our strong, sweet, loyal, protective dog. Sometimes he can drive us crazy, but he's a good dog and we wouldn't trade him for the world! He makes our little family complete, and one day he'll make a great big "brother" to some human babies. In the mean time, he is our furbaby!

Now you've met our youngest family member, stay tuned to meet the rest of the Volheims! Up next: Stephen.


  1. cute and you sound like you are enjoying Natty alot. Hugs!

  2. He is a precious dog! My dogs are still my babies even though I have a human baby. I bet he will make a great big brother!