16 August, 2011

Not sure if I've mentioned it lately...

But I have the best husband ever!

Just sayin...

I had to work the later shift today.(Which I despise!) This meant that I came into work at noon(which I admit is kinda nice), but also means that I'm stuck here until 8p.m. VERY BORING! Now that summer is winding down we have been unbelievably slow! A little before 6 everyone else in the office had headed for home, and I was settling in to catch up on blogs answer the onslaught of phone calls that were to come.(The phone has not rung a single time!) I keep the door locked after everyone leaves since I'm here by little ol' lonesome. I heard a knocking on the big front door, and I looked up to see my very sweet and thoughtful husband standing there! He had brought me dinner. There is a delicious hot dog place down from my office that I try not to eat at so I won't weigh a million pounds, but it's SOOO good! He had picked us both up a chili cheese dog and a big coke to share. It was such a nice treat, and makes me very thankful, yet again, that I married such a sweetheart and my best friend!

Not much else exciting to report around here. We kept it pretty low key around here this weekend.My sister was in town so we spent quite a bit of family time. But since I have nothing new and exciting to update you on, I thought I'd share some of our most talked about conversation here lately.


Yes, you read that right. There's something about being newly married that just makes babies the topic of conversation. Everyone starts asking "when you're going to start having them". If you even yawn too long the girls in the office are accusing you of being pregnant. (WHICH I MOST DEFINITELY AM NOT!) But, it has generated some interesting conversations for the husband and I lately. It's not really a new conversation, we've talked about wanting kids since before we were married. We both agree we want to wait at LEAST two more years, we agree we want 3 kids(ok, usually we agree on this, sometimes I think 2 would be plenty), and we agree we want all boys(again, sometimes Stephen says he'd like at least one girl. Not happening.) We agree on parenting styles, the things we say "we'll never let our kid do", or "ya I don't think that's a big deal, I'll tell them so and so", or "they'll be allowed or encouraged to X". But what we don't agree on are baby names. 

But that doesn't seem to be too uncommon because my family turns their noses up at my names too. But my rule is, until they are the ones pushing a 7+ pound baby out they don't get much of a say. (Side note: I'm a big talker. I will never name our child something that Stephen just absolutely does not like, but I will relentlessly argue my side of each case!)

So what are these great names you ask?

For a boy:

Nolan Dominick
Landon Jeff

For a girl:

 Rilynn Grace 
 Layla Faith

Eh, eh?? 

 Now that you've taken the time to read my completely random and pointless post, I figured I would at least share an awesome giveaway I stumbled across today!

I love the adorable blog over at Beautiful Mess! Well, since she reached 400 followers she's giving away a complete, new blog design to one lucky winner. How cool is that?! I've been working on revamping my blog for a while now, but I am not a pro by any means. If you are in the same boat, enter this fun give away and win yourself a new look!

 That's all for now folks.. it's quittin' time! Which means I can blow this popsicle stand and head home to my amazing husband! Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. Aww thats so nice of him! I love the two girls names and Landon. I hate saying this out loud for fear of offending someone, but I'm just not the biggest fan on the name Nolan. Dominick as a first name is cute! But I say name your kids whatever you want it'll grown on people who don't like it. I have to remember this cause I'm naming my first boy Johan(yo han)cause it's a big family name for my husband and I love it but a lot of people don't. But they're your kids so you do what you do!

  2. It's nice to have a hubby that brings you dinner. My hubby makes dinner on 2 of the 3 days I work. I have the meal planned and he just cooks it. That works for us since he gets home an hour before me.
    I remember years ago after we were married 1/2 year people started to ask us about when we were gonna have a baby! It's annoying. But we eventually had two wonderful children who are now wonderful adult children, one with 2 young 'uns! Thanks for your post!

  3. You are so right about the baby obsession. I just wrote about it the other day! And I loooove the names you've picked out! I want unique names, but not too hard to spell. We're always on the lookout for baby names, even though we're at least a year away.

  4. baby obsession never goes away! i think it's rude when people ask. basically they are asking if you have sex with your husband (in my opinion). sometimes i say "yes i have sex with my husband, now who are YOU having sex with". but now i am on the baby train (we want one) so i don't get as angry as i did in the beginning. baby naming is so much fun! my husband and i have all three picked out!