01 August, 2011

Oh Monday...

You always seem to show up WAY too soon! And August.. WOW! Really?! Already?!? Where did July go? Weren't we JUST celebrating the 4th? How is it already August 1st?! Usually I would be getting stressed about going back to school, but now I'm not. I've graduated. It's finally sinking in! I must admit though, as much as I hate it, I'm now giving very serious thought to going back to grad school for my master's degree. Not too soon. Probably next fall, but I'm definitely thinking about it. I'm in the process of looking for a job to actually use my degree, but the more I think about it, the more I want to go to grad school before really getting too deep into a career. We've also toyed with the idea of moving within the next year so we can both find new opportunities. Stephen is a reservist and his contract ends in September so he'll be looking for a full time job/career. He's thought about going to school and finishing his degree too, so we have some decisions to make in the near future.. it's a mystery, but we'll go wherever God has planned.. sometimes I just wish he would make it a little more clear! For now though, fall just means football season is coming and all the good tv shows will start airing new episodes again! :)

Anyway, the point of this post was to tell you all about the perfect weekend we had! I will admit weekends have been the only er.. rough spot? in our marriage lately. We just always seem to want to do different things. Stephen loves to go out with friends or get into something crazy, but I'm tired after a long week and feel like I never get to spend enough time at home, so I'm perfectly content watching a movie on a Saturday night. (You can see where this could cause problems) Not major problems, but it usually takes some bargaining compromising to make plans on a weekend. Luckily, this weekend that wasn't the case at all! It was perfect, which made for a relaxing weekend.

Friday night two of my best friends, Lisa and Whitney(and Baby Annisten) came over for dinner. We've gotten pretty good at getting together at least once a week, and it's so nice! We can catch up, have some wine, and we're always entertained by that pretty baby!

These pictures are actually from the dinner last week, but you get the point! We pull everything out of my tupperware cabinet and we're all entertained!

After dinner we were both worn out, so we called it an early night. The early night led to an early Saturday morning. We went to the beach, but it was SO hot! We ended up going to my parents' house to get in the pool instead.(Much more refreshing!) After a nice afternoon in the sun we went to the mall since I needed some new clothes. It was a successful trip. I got some cute tops for work(which I'll show you later) and a GREAT dress that I wore out that night. Since I had pretty much picked what we did all day, it was Stephen's turn to decide that evening. So we got all dressed up and went to eat at Carrabba's in downtown Pensacola. (It was very yummy!) Then we went downtown for a little fun! We started at Intermissions with a few drinks, then met Lisa and some of her friends at Seville for a little piano bar entertainment(that's pretty much our favorite). I admit, that I'm an old married woman now, and I was tired by 10:50.(Hey! We woke up early!) So we left Seville and headed for home, but decided it was still too early, so we made a pit stop by another local dive bar for a little bit. But we just can't hang. It was homeward after that. Personally, I thought it was perfect that we went out, had fun, and still got to bed at a decent time so we didn't feel like crap in the morning!

Sunday we did a whole lot of nothing. We cleaned up/did some stuff around the house(no, it's still not finished), I finally caught up on wedding blogging, and we just enjoyed hanging out. Luckily we got to see two of our great friends even if it was only for a minute! They were driving through town on their way to moving to Louisville, KY! Brian is working on his Master's of Divinity up there and Ashley is supporting him 100%! We couldn't be prouder/happier for them! God is doing amazing things in their life, and I can't wait to see where He leads them! They have a blog too to tell about their journey, so if you're interested in reading more, check them out here. It will definitley have some very interesting stories to come!

After Brian and Ashley stopped by, we headed over to my cousins', Alisha and Troy's, for Blu's 6th birthday party. I swear these kids are growing like weeds! It was a lot of fun, but it always is with that bunch! To read more about their busy family, check out Alisha's blog here! Of course, I was too busy playing and chatting to remember to take any pictures! I'm sure Alisha will post some soon, so I'll just have to look at hers! ;)

We were wiped out from a great weekend after the party, and ended our weekend watching a little How I Met Your Mother before bed! (That's our current favorite show, we've DVR'd so many episodes I think we're fully caught up!) All in all, a pretty amazing weekend!

Despite that I had to go back to work today after a fabulous weekend off, it wasn't too bad. The day seemed to go by pretty quick and then I got to come home to my sweet husband and cute puppy dog. We walked a mile before dinner and then I got a little creative in the kitchen tonight so dinner was pretty dang good if I do say so myself! Dinners done and cleaned up, work outs done, lunches packed, now for a little snuggling and TV time then it's bedtime for these Volheims! Happy Monday y'all! Hope the rest of your week is great(and goes by quickly!)

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  1. Sweet blog! :) Very cute. And where has July gone?!