18 August, 2011

Thursday and all of it's randomness

Ok, let me just start this post off with what I consider to be very exciting news. I finally broke down and joined pintrest! I had been avoiding for a long time, but I just couldn't resist any longer. And let me tell you what, it is SO addicting! If you're on pintrest too follow me here, so that I can follow you back. I'm new to this so I'm looking for cool new things and trying to get the hang of it all.

My work schedule is never the same. This week it just so happens that after today, I get tomorrow off. Woo hoo! The only bad part of this(if you can find a bad point to a day off!) is that it means I am working all of Saturday and Sunday. Boo! The bright side is that today is pay day. YAY!

Stephen has some AF buddies coming in town this weekend to stay with us, so that should be fun. I love having company. This has also given Stephen the nudge he's been needing to get the bed situated in the guest room. That's the last room in the house that's just a complete wreck and I'm excited to get it all set up and looking cute to have people stay over! Ok, ok, I know we don't have over night company very often, but it's nice to have a space set up for them on the occasions that we do! I'm hoping that the bed will be in place shortly after I get off work tonight, and then tomorrow when I'm off I'll go in search of the perfect comforter and get the room looking cute.

My new found love of pintrest and the potential of decorating my new little guest room have me feeling a little domesticated. In my head, I'm a domestic goddess. This is far from the truth! I admit that I will leave clean clothes in the dryer for a few days hours because I don't feel like folding them and putting them away. I make hamburger helper too often for my Mom's liking(she is anti "fake" food like HH and spaghettio's). I do cook dinner most every night, and pack both of our lunches for work. I try, but let's face it, I would rather go do something fun with my husband then cook or clean. And let's not get started on my lack of decorating skills! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it here before, but I'm decorating challenged. More so creativity challenged. I can copy other people's cute ideas(mainly my Mom's!), but coming up with my own. Forget it.
Well, I have been on a mission here lately to get more creative with dinner time. I'm a pro at making chicken and rice, but more poor husband needs a little variety! So I've made it a goal to cook at least one new meal a week so we aren't eating so much chicken and hamburger helper! Last night I made breaded pork chops with Parmesan potatoes and green beans. It was very yummy and so easy! (Pictured below) For any of you other newlyweds out there looking for new ideas, I'm gonna share the recipe:

Pork chops: Preheat over to 400. Take out a package of thin cut pork chops(thawed). In a small bowl crack two eggs and beat them well(think the way you would if you were going to make them scrambled eggs), In a separate bowl pour a good sized pile of Italian Style bread crumbs. Dip each pork chop really well in the eggs and then roll it around in the bread crumbs. When it's covered well, place it on a baking sheet. Repeat with desired number of pork chops then pop baking sheet in the oven for 20 minutes.

While the pork chops are baking, wash your red potatoes and cut them into quarters. Place the cut up potatoes in a big pot of water and set it to boil on the stove. After about 12 minutes(or until the potatoes are softened), drain the water, and add a tablespoon of cardio control margarine(or butter if you prefer, I'm just currently trying to be healthier), a sprinkle of sea salt, a sprinkle of basil, and Parmesan cheese to taste.

Serve both with whatever else you've made and enjoy! (I know, I know it was not that difficult of a recipe.) In fact, I don't even know if you can call it a recipe. But that's my point! If I can do this, you can too! I tell you what, for a simple meal, my husband definitely enjoyed it! I thought ahead and made enough for him to take lunch today too, I know cold sandwiches have to get boring. ( I know, I know. I'm a great wife! You don't have to tell me!)

BESIDES my new meal adventure last night and making both of our lunches, I made a big pan of lasagna! Stephen's little brother, Shawn, goes back down to Orlando for college tomorrow and we wanted to see him one more time. He seems to like my lasagna and it makes it easy because I can cook it all the night before and just bake it when I get home from work. So I'm looking forward to that! Yummy lasagna dinner and visiting with the little brother before it's back to school for him!
This is what the lasagna looked like last night when I got done assembling it. Tonight I'll bake it and it will turn into melty, gooey, goodness. I can share my recipe for homemade lasagna later, if anyone is interested!
I had intended to delve into my quarter-life crisis I am currently having, but this random rambling has taken up too much of your time already. I apologize for those of you who made it all the way to the end! Tomorrow I will spill my guts about the decisions I'm currently facing and hopefully writing out and getting some input will help? Maybe.

Until then, Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. yay for joining pinterest! I followed you. Those dinners look really good!

  2. I used to be in a rut cooking. Then I learned a few new tricks from Rachael Ray. I know, there are people out there that don't like her but she does help people in cooking ideas. That's made hubby happy. I work 3 days a week so hubby cooks 2 of those nights, one night he's gone so I have leftovers. There's usually leftovers from cooking in fridge for lunches for us and dinner for daughter who works evening time. My hubby loves lasagna and according to him, we should have it once a week. I should make some again. I found a recipe for lasagna rolls that that's good too! Hopefully you find some nice things for your guest room, keeping in mind it will be nice for both men and women! That's hard to find sometimes. A leave pattern would be good over flowers maybe? Just a thought! :0) Ok I'm on a vacation day from work so I'm gonna go bake some zucchini bread, banana muffins this a.m. then gonna do some cleaning this afternoon that's on my agenda.
    Have a good day!

  3. YAY for pinterest! I am following you! Good luck with the cooking adventures!