09 August, 2011

We're gonna go through the big "D" and I don't mean Dallas!

I don't mean divorce either people! We're still crazy-in-love newlyweds! =) No, no, no. Not Dallas, not divorce, not Disney... the dreaded "D" word that all milfamilies fear.


Yes, I knew when Stephen joined the Air Force that it was a very real possibility, but nobody likes to think about that. We're not the conventional milfamily either. My husband enlisted into the Reserves. I didn't expect a deployment for a while. But since he's been back from tech school, it's something he's been talking about. Right now, reservists only get deployed on a voluntary basis. So I didn't think it was something that would happen for quite a while.

Well, on my way home from work tonight I called my husband and the conversation went something like this:

Me:" Hey honey, I'm on my way home from work, but I'm stopping at the store to get stuff for dinner. Will you check and make sure we have enough pancake mix?"

Husband: "Ya baby, we have half  a box we're good."

Me: "Ok, then I'll just stop real quick and be home. Do you need anything else?"

Husband: "No, I'm good. But I have some um.. interesting.. news.."

Me: "Okkk....."

Husband: "I signed up today to deploy with our rotation next spring."

Me: ---silence---

Husband: "You're not saying much.."

It went back and forth for a little bit and we hung up the phone and agreed to discuss it a little more when I got home.

It just caught me off guard, not what I expected at all when I was driving home from work today! Granted, it's a long ways off. We have 8-10 months or so before he'll leave. A lot will happen between now and then. I'm sure I'll be briefed and prepared and things will be in order. But for now, I just feel caught off guard. He'll be on a short tour. So, for now I'm trying to see which of my friends I can talk into moving in with me and Natty while he's gone! LOL

On a real note, I'm proud of him. I can't even explain how proud of him I am. I was proud of him for making the decision to join, and now I'm proud of him for feeling the call to really serve his country. I hate that he will have to leave me. He hates that part too, but it's something he wants/needs to do for himself and I am going to support him 110%!

And here I thought it had been a boring week and I would have nothing to blog about... so there's all the big news on my end this week! Hope everyone is having a good week, Happy Tuesday y'all!

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  1. Wow! That's big news for a casual phone call! You must be proud to have a husband who volunteered to go! But I would probably kill Mike if he told me like that. haha "You did WHAT?!"