26 August, 2011


It's finally Friday! I don't know why that excites me so much because I usually work at least one weekend day, but something about weekend shifts just don't seem as bad as weekdays. I know, I'm weird. My husband reminds me daily. Today I wasn't feeling very well so I used a vacation day(I have 4 to use and my last day there is Sept. 6th!) to stay around the house and relax since I have a long weekend ahead. Ok really just long day tomorrow. I work 8-4 at my regular job, and then it's my first shift back at the restaurant I used to work at 6-11.

I know it sounds crazy because I used to complain about it all the time, but I'm excited to start back there for football season. I definitely can't complain about the extra money and it will help keep me busy with subbing since that probably won't be full time. Not to mention I LOVE the people I work with there and it's just fun.

So this week I'm doing something I don't normally do and I'm participating in the Mil-Spouse Friday Fill in. If you want to participate head over to Wife of a Sailor's blog and grab the fill in the blanks and link up!
MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

1. The first thing I think of when I get up in the morning is could I possibly sleep in a little longer???
2. Lately, I’ve been craving  cupcakes because i've been trying to eat good so cupcakes are out!
3. Whenever anyone says the word Barbie, it reminds me of my childhood because we used to play Barbies for hours and hours.
4. The happiest word I know is  Disney World, but we agreed that we wouldn't be going for a while because we're going to take a vacation somewhere different next year and then hopefully have a baby the next year.
5. My spouse may hate it, but I absolutely love going on afternoon walks or doing something fun after work.(He's usually tired when he gets home and not nearly as thrilled as I am.)

I'm also linking up with Mil-Spouse round up and I encourage all you other Mil-Spouses to do the same! It's a great way to find other great Millie blogs you can relate to. Today we're linking up with Laura over at Between the Lines as she hosts the round up!

Have a good weekend and happy Friday y'all!

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  1. Awe, you are so lucky to love where you work, and who you work with! I bet football season is a TON busier, good luck girl :)