01 September, 2011

It's OK...

I discovered a new blog that I'm loving over at A Complete Waste of Makeup, and this link-up she's hosting is just too much fun not to participate in! So here we go with a shot at....

  • that I'm the worst blogger ever and haven't posted since last week!(Sometimes, even when I'm busy, I'm just not that interesting! ;))
  • that while watching the VMA's I only further developed my distaste for pop music!
  • that I'm only 22 but some days I feel more like 35! 
  • that my career/school plan changes frequently even though I finished my bachelor's degree in May
  • that I took off work a couple weeks ago to go to the first FLORIDA STATE game of the season!!!
  • that I've been driving my husband crazy all week counting down to the little road trip for the game
  •  that I'm working 28 hours in a 48 hour period. (only because I'm off all weekend!)
  •  that I can't remember everyone I've made a reservation for or helped find a property at work 
  • that I'm ready for fall TV shows to come back on! (Why hello Gossip Girl, I have missed you!)
  • that I'm not nearly as excited for my husband's first TDY as he is!
  • that I didn't wear sunscreen when I spent 4 hours on the beach Monday with my sweet Mother-in-law and now I'm just a little bit peely.. oops!
  • that I'm more than a little excited to try Zumba for the first time next week while the hubs is out of town!
  •  that I'm beyond addicted to pinterest and keep finding new projects to try! (If you're on Pinterest too, follow me and I'll follow back!) I'm always looking for new boards to keep up with!
Happy Thursday y'all and hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Get out and enjoy it.. fall will be here before we know it!


  1. Let me know how Zumba is, I've been dying to try it but I'm so nervous to do it alone haha

  2. i'm ready for fall tv too! and gossip girl is going to be sooo good (at least...i hope so)
    trish @ tales from...

  3. I am ready for fall tv as well. My husband and I had never watched How I Met Your Mother until this summer when we watched all the seasons, and now I can't wait to see what happens this season.

  4. Following you on Pinterest. :)

  5. I love zumba.. it's so much fun! Thanks for linking up :)