19 September, 2011

Monday... again???

Ok, ok, ok I know I've been absent again. I apologize profusely, but you should really thank me because we've been pretty boring lately, so I don't have much to share. Seriously. We've both been working a lot, I've gotten back to the gym, we're working on a couple little projects around the house here and there, we're LOVING football season(even though we suffered a heartbreaking loss this weekend!) we never tire of watching our Noles!, and we squeeze in family and friend fun time whenever we can!

Since I really have nothing of any real value to share today, and I'm extremely sleepy (I promise I will try to be better!) I'll just leave you with some pictures for tonight!

 I'm going to try out some of my pinterest recipes this week and will share some pictures and reviews of the good ones! In the mean time, you can see what I like on my boards here. Until next time, here are some pictures of our first football game of the year and our wedding pictures we just got back from the photographer! :) Happy Monday y'all!

Me and my wittle seestor! We're not twins, but sometimes we like to pretend for the day! #mysistercopiesme

Our first game as Mr. and Mrs.!!

The group
Me and Scotti!
Mom and I in the stadium :)


  1. LOVE your wedding dress!

  2. Nice photos and thanks for sharing! Hugs and have a good week!