12 September, 2011

Monday again?

Is it really already Monday? Where have the last couple weeks gone?! I swear I feel like it was just  September 1st and now here we are half way through September! Basically I'm trying to make excuses for my inexcusably bad blogging habits, but there really aren't any. I'm back to just having one job(until I start subbing in the next few weeks) and I have a LOT  more free time. Last week my husband was gone on his first TDY so I had a lot of time on my hands. Did I do anything productive? Not so much.

I did squeeze in some fun though. I had lunch with friends, hung out with my mom, picked up a couple extra shifts at work, watched the first Saints game of the season!(More on that in a minute), went to the beach, got back in the gym, went to the Gulfarium with my family, and just enjoyed some "me" time.

As I mentioned, this was our first TDY since being married, well actually, ever. It did not go well. There was a lot of fighting between the two of us over those 5 days, and I think we just both had very different expectations of what it would be like. I will spare you all the gory details, but for my other MIL spouses out there, did you ever have this problem? What do you do to help make seperations easier on you. I was just surprised because last year he was gone practically the whole year between basic and tech school and our relationship actually got stronger through all that. That's why I wasn't really worried about a measley 5 day seperation, but it was much different this time. He has a deployment next spring so we have to figure out how to handle these things before then so any advice you may offer is welcome!

Back to the fun stuff, I mentioned that I watched the first NFL game of the season. We're mostly college football crazed down here, but my family and I are big Saints fans, always have been. This year they played the first regular season game on Thursday night against the Packers. Well some of our close friends are crazy Packers fans. They had a football party to watch the game and were nice enough to invite my mom and I and even let us wear our Saints gear. It was a lot of fun even though we lost! Lots of food, lots of chatting, a little beer, and plenty of football! I even got to try out one of my new pinterest recipes, which I will share with you because it was super easy and very delicious!

It was kinda pot luck snackage for the night so I brought one of my stand by favorites, pizza dip(which I will share the super easy recipe with you), and tried out my new dessert favorite, the peanut butter ball.

The Pizza Dip(always a big hit!)

Start with an oven safe dish and cream cheese(amount varies depending on how much you want to make)For this occasion I used 16oz

 Combine Italian Seasoning and cream cheese in oven safe dish and spread evenly along the bottom of the pan.
 Add a jar of pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce on top of the cream cheese and add more Italian Seasoning to your taste.
Add a bag of shredded mozzerella cheese and more Italian Seasoning to taste.

Place dish in oven at 325 until melted and warm. Serve with chips, crackers, anything you can think of and enjoy!
**(Again portions can very depending on how much you need to make)

Here are the pictures from my Peanut Butter ball experiment. You can find the full recipe at this awesome cooking blog. It was a big hit too and super easy to make!

It's football season, so hope you guys enjoy these easy football party recipes too! Happy cooking and happy Monday y'all!


  1. i felt the same. times had flew by quick. soon it will be christmas. the summer has been really quick this year. enjoying your football seasons parties x

  2. The separations are tough. I think it is harder when they are gone for a shorter amount of time. With a deployment or long training school, you can prepare mentally for the time and distance. However with a short separation, I don't think you prepare the same way. I think, "oh what is a few days. Piece of cake!" Usually though that is when it is the worst. My husband was Army reserve before going active duty with the Navy, and when he would leave for weekend drills I always picked a fight with him. However his year long deployment and 3 months of OCS, no problems before he left. Does any of that make sense?

    Plus, as you know, communication is the key. You have to learn to communicate how you feel in an effective way. My husband and I didn't really figure that out until he was at OCS. We are still struggling with it since he is not at home a lot with training. It takes time to adjust, but I think you will do fine.