06 September, 2011


Well, I had intended to do an update this morning since I hadn't posted in a while and tell you all about my wonderful holiday weekend, and my husband's TDY this week, etc., etc. But then I get on Facebook this morning to quite a disturbing post from one of my favorite Air Force wife support pages.

Apparently there is a Facebook page started by army wives and then expanded where military wives/girlfriends/fiances/troop supporters in general, could submit pictures of their boobs to be added to a gallery for "troop support." In their minds it was for "deployed troop morale." You can see these lovely pages here and here.

Pardon my language here, but WHAT THE HELL?!? Really!?

My first question is these "wives" that created this page, where are their husbands? How do their husbands feel about their wives "flashing" the entire world on the internet? Do they not think about their husbands' military career?

We military spouses battle enough stereotypes without proving people's points! You mil spouses know what I'm talking about. People think that infidelity runs rampant in military families. The military, regardless of branch, is founded on honor and integrity. These page are the OPPOSITE of that!

I liked one of the pages to leave a comment and point out these things. I also reported both pages to Facebook in the hopes that if enough of us report them they will get shut down. So this morning instead of a life update, I'm asking all of you lovely blog friends to take a minute to follow each of the links and report these disgusting groups to Facebook.


  1. OMG i cant believe this!!!! this is so dumb!!

  2. wow I really can't believe this

  3. Wow...I am all about troop morale while deployed, but that seems a bit much. I am pretty sure my husband wouldn't want me to do that either.