21 September, 2011

2 on Tuesday(only 10 minutes late!)

I know, I know it's technically not Tuesday anymore, but I had to work til close tonight so I was late getting home. Cut me some slack, GEEZ! :) I'm so glad to have found this link up because I was really missing Top 2 Tuesdays and this is along those lines. Check out Andrea's super cute blog over at My Chihuahua Bites! I love the link up, but I'm also loving her blog, so I'm glad I discovered it!

2 on Tuesday
This week there are 2 questions.
1.) What are 2 of your favorite cleaning products?
I have so many it's hard to choose, but I have to say that the one I use the most are these little beauties I discovered at the commissary a couple of months ago:
And my all time favorite stand by:
Classic bleach. I love the smell. Yes, I know I'm weird, but to me bleach just smells clean.
And question number 2 this week:
2.) What new fall seasons of TV shows are you most looking forward to?
It's hard to pick just two, but I'll have to say my first is:
This is mine and the Hub's favorite and we were so excited to watch the season premiere last night! I'm so excited that Marshall and Lily are pregnant and can't wait to see their baby! :)
2.) My other favorite started tonight and I can't wait to catch up with it on DVR tomorrow:
Beyond excited for fall!!!!!!!
Wasn't that fun? Head on over and link up with My Chihuahua Bites! Happy Tuesday er.. Wednesday(??) y'all!


  1. I LOVE HIMYM! Yes, I used all caps. LOL

  2. i love those clorax wipes. they make quick clean ups to easy.

    i love HIMYM. did you see this week's episode yet?