22 September, 2010

The Early Edition Blog

Well since Lauren doesnt seem to want to blog like i do, im just kidding hunny I know things are stressin you to the max right now so I will take care of this. So anyways I thought I might get on seeing as it's only 5:50 and I dont have to be down stairs till 6:40. I just got done with PT (Physical Training) which starts at 4:10, woof. PT here isnt TOOOO hard but still sucks but I heard we onnly have like 5 more PT sessions till we switch it to the evening schedule which means MORE SLEEP FOR ME IN THE MORNING, YAY!!!! Haha so anyways would you like to hear some of the best news ever? Lauren is coming to see me this weekend!! Yup you heard right, Lauren and I decided that she needs to get away for a weekend and be here with me, her bestest fiance in the world. I cant wait to see her!! I'm going to get that hug and kiss that I have so longed for. Anyways enough of the sappyness, although I know Lauren loves to hear me talk about it, and onto the plans. Lauren plans on flying in on Friday morning and leaving Monday morning. So I know im based in Wichita Falls but I will def find us something to do and if I dont then hell we'll just lay around the hotel room all day till I have to go back at midnight! I cant WAIT! So lets see, what else has gone on in the past couple of days? Um...oh yah, last weekend I went to a tractor pull and um, that was interesting. But it all worked out cause they also had a drag strip so I got to watch bikes and old cars and even super drags haul booty down an 8th of a mile track. I saw one super run and 8th in 4.4 seconds, got up to 146 mph in that time, WOW. Oh so here is some other news, my brother Shawn has now STOLEN one of my dream jobs and is going to become a "scare-actor" at Halloween Horror Nights this year. If you happen to be going then look for him in Zombiegeddon, he will of course be a zombie. Lucky bastard. What really sucks is that I have been the past 12 years and the first year I miss it he is actually IN it. Damn. Oh well, I think I might be going to Frightfest at Six Flags in Dallas on my bday weekend in which Lauren will be back for!! Wow, I turn 24 in less than a month now..wow. That is hard for me to believe actually. I thought I was old now, wth will I think when I hit 24? Especially when my fiance will be 21, she's so young and nieve, hahahaha. So here is some good news, Lauren is coming this weekend and I just checked my bank account and I have $969..WOW..i thought I had maybe $750 so that is a very very good early morning surprise. Well I must be going now, I have classes to take and plans to book when I get done so Lauren can get here sooner!! I love you baby and hope you have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!! I cant wait to see you Friday!!

=A1C Stephen "Goofy" Volheim

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