29 September, 2010

Life is NOT fun when your away from your family..

So I havent written in a couple of days an I apologize for that. Things have been very busy and Lauren was in town for the weekend so I have had very little to no time to write. Anyways with that being said I am now back to the ol writing block. I would tell you of the things that went on during the weekend while Lauren was here but it looks like she has already covered that quite well haha. So what has gone down since the weekend. Oh I had my block one test Monday and I passed with great success! It wasnt to hard and I got through it pretty easily. Other than that like Lauren said, we take notes, everyday all day. So the next subject woule be Dallas. I CANT WAIT TILL DALLAS!! I think we have like 22 days now till we leave for Dallas to celebrate me becoming not old, but very old haha, 24 to be exact. It's going to be a freakin blast. A couple friends and I are going with Lauren, Jessica, and Chris to Dallas to raise cain and go to Fright Nights at Six Flags since I can't go to Halloween Horror Nights (the first time I havent gone in 11 years!) this year. That pisses me off to no end, and guess what, my little brother is a zombie in one of the houses and I won't be able to see him, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Can you tell im frustrated? It sucks but I can't do anything about it but sit here and whine which does nobody anygood. I miss Orlando a lot, I miss Disney even more... But what I miss most is my family. It finally hit me last night that I won't be able to attend the Disfunctional Gather '10. AKA Thanksgiving. And what's even worse is that I will be the only one not attending. It's just such an awesome time when we all finally get together and relax. We always have a blast with each other and this year I will miss it. Speaking of missing Thanksgiving how about I make a list of all the things I did/will miss while being in BMT/Tech School:

-Most importantly my anniversary with my perfect fiance


-My bday

-July 4th

-My moms bday

-My brother at HHN


-The Jimmy Buffet concert

-No FSU games this year

-The oil benefit concert starring 30 SECONDS TO MARS!

And that is to just name a few. So to be on the real here with some of you who may be thinking about joining the Air Force or any branch of the military really, be prepared to miss a lot of important events. But also be prepared to be proud of what your doing and realize that if it wasnt for us then the people on the other side of the line, civilians, wouldnt be able to have any freedoms of any kind. The country needs us and we are willing to step up and answer. With that being said I would like to thank all of my brothers and sisters in the military for stepping up, thank you very much. Anyways on a lighter note who here is ready to see JACKASS 3D and Saw: The Final Chapter? ME ME ME ME ME! I cant wait to see those retarded guys back in action! It has been a while and those guys are freakin hilarious! And Saw? I LOVE those movies, don't get me wrong they are very sick movies, but AWESOME!! So I am sorry but im going to have to stop it here and get ready for class, blah! I will be back on either tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading everybody and have a wonderful Wednesday!

-A1C Stephen "Goofy" Volheim

P.S. And yes the picture is a pin of Mickey Mouse thanking an Airman, AMAZING!!

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