15 September, 2010


(April 29th, 2010.. our engagement!! :))
Thanks for stopping by our blog! I hope you all find it entertaining if nothing else. :)

We both like to blog but rarely keep up with it, so we're trying a new concept. We're blogging together. Most likely I(Lauren), will end up doing most of the writing, but we'll see! The idea is this blog will follow both of us on this adventure into the Air Force and on the road to becoming a married couple. Both aspects have plenty of interesting twists and turns to tell! You'll find everything from Stephen's basic training and tech school stories, to my adventures with work and wedding planning! These first few blogs we'll back track a little to get caught up. From dating, to engagement, to basic training and graduation, we'll back up and then be caught up to the here and now of our tech school/ last year of college/ wedding planning edventures, so stay tuned! :)

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