27 September, 2010

First Tech School visit!!

So last weekend I got to do something really exciting! We decided last minute(Wednesday actually), that I was going to go visit Stephen. Best. Decision. Ever. It was SO much fun! Even though Wichita Falls is less than exciting and actually kind of creepy, we had a blast!

So first of all, I learned a few things this weekend, you other air force spouses should take notes:
1) Don't be THAT guy.
2) If at all possible never put Sheppard AFB on your list of duty stations!
3)If you ARE at Sheppard, make sure you have a very good map or GPS.. don't get lost in the horror movie-like surroundings!
4) Air power.. we take notes!
5)I was right!.. and that's all I will say about that one! :D
6) In Texas buying beer requires coupons..
7)Jack rabbits are huge! The guys are not exaggerating!

Ok enough being silly.. It was a lot of fun..

Friday: I flew into DFW, rented the car then made the drive to Sheppard(anyone visiting sheppard, not a bad drive at all!), Checked into my hotel, then headed to base to meet Bryan(first time getting to see him in 3 months!!), we got pizza at the mini mall(Anthony's pizza is awesome! Ladies, if you visit sheppard.. get anthony's!), then headed over to the dorms to wait for Stephen to get out of class. We watched the whole squad march back from class which admittedly is pretty cool! Then I FINALLY got to give my sweet fiance a hug and kiss again after a whole month! The guys were VERY eager to get off base so we headed into "town" if you can call it that. We went to the mall and had yummy Mexican food and margaritas! (On the Border by the mall.. another good one!), walked around the mall.. not too much to talk about there!, then we were bored so decided to check out Falls Fest. This is the town's claim to fame. It's an outdoor music festival in one of the local parks. Despite all the jokes we made about it, it was a LOT of fun. The night we were there it was a really good cover band playing all different types of music. There was also all different types of people to people watch, and a pretty impressive fireworks display! After a little while it was pretty hot out and it was pushing the guys curfew so we headed back to base. So we thought... we ended up miserably lost in what looked like a scene from texas chainsaw massacre, children of the corn, and the hills have eyes all at once! Ok, so maybe it was just a lot of corn fields with abandon and run down houses, but hey! I have a big imagination! :) So an hour later we make it back near the base, and it's not quite curfew so we head to the hotel for a few beers and some catching up! It was SO nice to hang out with the guys again! Roommates reunited! :) I was sad they had to go back but I was so tired after a long day that I fell right to sleep!

Saturday: Bright and early after their accountability Stephen came to the hotel. We slept in, hung out a while then went to find lunch. We drove through wendy's really quick then headed to base to play golf with some of his friends. We picked Murphy, Keyes, and some other guy I don't know up from the dorm. After much confusion and a dress code violation(on part) later we finally got to hit the course. I, however, am the world's worst golfer so I opted to keep score and ride in the golf cart! Little did I know I wasn't the only one terrible at golf! 5 hours later, we finally got through 16 out of 18 holes. Needless to say, we were all over it! We went back to the dorms to pick up Bryan and Munson then on to the hotel to shower and change. Somehow we let Stephen pick for dinner so no surprise, to Olive Garden we went! haha.. it was really good though! :) After dinner, we had planned on going to Falls Fest again, but everyone was so worn out that a few beers hanging out in the hotel sounded like a better idea! I think this was one of my favorite part of the trips! Being outnumbered tremendously I was able to sit back and listen to all their BMT stories. They had me rolling! It was nice to get to meet the guys Stephen spends all his time with now and get to know them all a little better. Again, they headed back to the dorms, and I got to sleep!

Sunday: This was my favorite day :) Stephen came over early again, and again we slept in for a while and just hung out. Those of you who have your significant other at home truly take for granted how nice it is to just lay around and watch tv together!(I did!) After breakfast in the hotel(At which, I kid you not, they serve Texas shaped belgian waffles!! They were like the mickey mouse ones from disney world, but Texas instead. In hindsight I wish I had a picture of this to share!) We tried going to the mall then but it wasn't open yet, so we ventured to "downtown". It was like a creepy old ghost town. Literally nothing down there, old buildings boarded up, no traffic or people anywhere.. just weird. But on our way we lucked into discovering "The Falls". We walked around the park and waterfall and took some pictures. It was gorgeous! We killed enough time to head to the mall to find Stephen some new clothes. (I used my bargain shopping abilities!) Then had Ghengis Grill mongolian food for lunch. SO GOOD!! We were both beat and decided spending the rest of the afternoon lounging in the hotel sounded like a great idea! There was plenty of football on to watch.(Dallas won but the Saints lost. Boo!) and A Back to the Future marathon. We ordered pizza later and just enjoyed each other's company again. The 8pm G.I. party came too soon and so did the goodbye tears! He studied and then we decided that since curfew was really not til 10 I would come hang out from 9 to 10 so I did. And of course I missed him as soon as I left! :( These "See you laters" don't get easier.. my heart will always heart when I have to leave...

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