23 September, 2010

So im guessing im going to start being the "early morning blogger". Haha. On Monday Wednesday and Thursday I have to be up at 3:50 for PT and then I have usually an hour break before I go to class and I dont feel like sleeping for 30 minutes so instead I just blog. So what's new today that wasn't yesterday? Well Lauren is coming to see me TOMORROW!!! Holy crap im so flippin excited that I can't hold it in or stop telling all of my buddies how excited I am or how I cant wait till they meet her. I'm pretty sure they are sick and tired of me talking about her but she is just so incredible that they dont understand. So what's for breakfast thins morning you ask? Full Throttle and a bag, yes a BAG, of Hostess powdered Donettes. MMmmmmmmm. Dobt you wish you were here to enjoy them with me? Haha. So I am hoping the care package my sister sent me gets here today, I love getting those and the surprise behind the flaps of the box. Last time I got one of these it was filled with things such as clothes, cookies, dvd's, and a card. It was AWESOME!! Now if I could only get my grandma on board and have her send me some brownies! Haha im sorry but her brownies are the BEST! So anyways back to Lauren coming into town tomorrow, im now EXTREMLY excited! I think tomorrow were probobly going to have an "alone" day until the football game if the fellas go and then Saturday were going to go play golf and hopefully get the whole crew to go out to say, Olive Garden?! Hahaha I love Olive Garden. Anyways and then Sunday were def not going to do anything but just lay around like we did the Sunday I graduated. Aahhhh what a great weekend ahead. So im sorry and I have ADD so this is way off subject but I watched The Crazies last night and that movie was SAWEEEEET!! Oh yah and in case you didnt know, the plane that went down into the swamp was a C-130H, yah that's the plane I work on haha! I got so excited when I saw that. So I don't really want to go to class today but at the same time I don't want to get in trouble and get pink carded and then not get to hangout with Lauren this weekend, so I guess im going to class. Plus I dont mind going as much now because the class has gotten to know each other now so were more joking and relaxed towards each other. Not to mention the fact that our sub for the next 2 weeks, a retired chief master sergeant, is the coolest old guy in the world. He is so chilled and laid back that it makes the class 100x easier to learn. Bringing an outlook on the class to the classroom like he does just eases the tension when we do PC's (Progress Checks) making them easier to take. So anyways I'm sorry that these are kind of short in the morning but by the time I get a shower, sit down, drink my Full Throttel and eat some doughnuts then I only have like 20 minutes to write. So I doubt I write tomorrow seeing as I will be so flippin busy with Lauren and loving her but if I dont I promise I will write Sunday night when I get done with my G.I. Party. Till then CHOW!

-A1C Stephen "Goofy" Volheim

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