18 September, 2010

Life on the homefront...

Proudly sporting my Air Force (future) spouse pin!
Natty keeping mom company.. he's getting so spoiled!!

First week of tech school classes are over, and 4th week of the semester is over me! :) Pretty much back into the routine now, as much as I hate it! But I just have to keep reminding myself it's my last year.. just got to push through! It helps a lot being able to talk to Stephen everynight. Skype is amazing! I want to hug whoever invented it.

Aaaaaand wedding planning. Still in step one. Have been googling venues like a madwoman this week, and my mom and I found a promising one! 5eleven South Palafox. (If anyone has any experience with that place please let me know!!) Until we book it officially i'm also still open to other suggestions! :) We're supposed to go meet with them one afternoon this week and i'm really excited! I have a good feeling about this one!

Also started planning my trip to Dallas this week to visit Stephen! I can't wait! I'm going October 22nd-25th to celebrate his birthday weekend! I've been looking up plane tickets, hotel rooms, and stuff to do in Dallas since i've never been!! I just can't wait to get to hug my love again! Anyone who hasn't been seperated from their significant other has no idea how exciting it is to know a date you will see them again. It definitely makes you appreciate time together even more. As much as it sucks, it has it's positive points. I don't regret it at all. I do have my emotional days. More so when i'm tired and cranky and just want him here to calm me down, but we have phone calls, skype, and trips to plan! We get through the hard days and it all makes our relationship stronger :)

Oh yes... I almost forgot today is the Air Force's birthday! Happy birthday Air Force! Greatest air force in the world, and I love my airman!!

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