19 September, 2010

A little bit of the past mixed with the present..

Ok so here we go, my first true "blog" haha. Everytime I hear the word blog I think about that twix commercial where he's like oh I thought you were a person who liked to express their feelings and blog, haha. Anyways so lets take you back to November 29, 2007. That was one of the greatest days of my life, the day I started dating the perfect woman, the most beautiful girl in this entire universe. The day Lauren and i's relationship started. That night was a great night, she came over with Stevie all nervous and cute in her FSU jersey, and we watched FSU beat the hell out of Boston College. After the game and a couple of beers it was time for her to go home but I wasnt ready for that moment. So being the gentleman that I am I walked her to her truck (what a hell of a truck) and with shaking limbs asked her to be my girlfriend and she instantaniously said yes. What a great night. Since then we have done/accomplished SOOOO much that it's crazy. We've been to Orlando (Disney and Universal a million times), Tallahassee (GO NOLES!!), Tampa (Busch Gardens and a Rays game and Gasparilla), New Orleans, Biloxi, Lagrange GA, Callaway Gardens (Our anniversary trip), and our most recent was San Antonio TX (BMT Graduation). Tell me of another couple that has taken that many amazing trips in 3 years, you cant because their are none out their as amazing as us. We've also accomplished a couple of incredible things, we've almost hit the 3 year mark in our relationship, we've gotten engaged (amazing night), we joined the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization and adopted a "little", we got an amazing dog together, we got an awesome apartment, and our latest and biggest accomplishment is that we've become a military family. I joined the Air Force and at the time Lauren didnt know but she joined on as well.

So lets move onto Basic Military Training. I will only dab into it on here because I don't feel like writing a book haha. So first off the part where you have to leave your friends, family, and loved ones behind sucks big time and yes, you will cry if you have a soul. I did and it sucked. So next lets talk about the food. The chow hall sucks and you have about 3 minutes to eat in your first week but it gets better, about the 7th week they give you 10 minutes to eat. The training their is not easy at all, all you other branches that make fun of the AF because you think it's easy can kiss my ass because it's not. Now dont get me wrong were not some jarhead marine gung ho crazy training but it is very difficult physically and mentally. You will wake up at 4:45 every weekday morning and at 5:45 on the weekends. You do get to go to church on Sundays which I highly recommend. Classes suck, dont fall asleep. Make sure you pass your PT (physical training) evaluations. Be sure to have your close family and gf write as much as possible AND be at graduation because you WILL need it. In turn make sure to write them back as much as possible as well. Oh and one last thing, make sure your ok with showering with about 50 other guys at one time haha.

Ok enough about BMT, if you have ANY questions about the USAF Basic Military Training program then just comment on here and I will be happy to answer and questions. So now onto Tech school. This place is incredible after BMT in a sence of freedom wise. They do have a phase program which you phase up every two weeks and it goes to 3rd phase. The town of Wichita Falls itself sucks, so if you are a crew chief or are coming to Sheppard AFB then I am sorry but it sucks. They do have a nice mall and a couple of resturants but that's about it. Oh make sure to visit the Airman's Clube if you are 21 and up asap. They have great drinks at good prices and yes, I did drink a little to much the first time I went, what a night. The recreational things they have to do here are horseback riding, paintball, golf course, skeet shooting, fishing, etc. I wish I had more to write about here but I have only been here for 3 weeks. I can say that being a C-130 Crew Chief is by far the best job in the AF and if you are a crew chief of anykind then you are very lucky because we do have the best job in the force. Then only thing that sucks is the C-130 has the longest class time here, 25 days of fundamentals and 54 days of track meaning I will be here till Jan. 18th of next yea r. Then I go to Little Rock for about 10 days to do some HOT training and THEN I finally come home. I cant wait to get home, to see my friends and most importantly, my dog. I love you so much Natty and cant wait to get home and play and run with you. I also want to say to my friends that I miss you guys to and cant wait to get back and hang out with all of you guys!

Now to my amazing fiance who is writing this along with me. First off, I love you. I love you more than all of the elements of Oxygen in this world (good one haha). I miss you more than Bert could ever miss Ernie. Thank you so much for staying strong and being there for me throught this whole USAF ordeal. You are absolutly incredible and by far the strongest woman I know. I can't wait to call you Mrs. Lauren Volheim next May. You are the most incredible thing to ever come into my life and I thank God everyday for putting you here with me. Though sometimes have been rough we have made it, and will always make it. I cant wait to be home with you in Feb for good so you can fall asleep in my arms again. I miss that so much. You are beautiful, smart, hilarious, spontanious, an amazing cook, outgoing, your willing to try anything at least once, your love for FSU is incredible and right on the $, i love your smile, your cute little nose, the color of your eyes are mesmerizing, i love how you can go to a baseball game and drink a beer and eat a hotdog OR go to a very classy resturant and make both of them look like a piece of cake, i love how you italian and im german but somehow we make it work, i love all the inside jokes we have (I GOT THIS!!), i love your ambitions/goals, i love your family, i love how you LOVE the USAF, i love the way you rock your spouse pin everyday, i love the fact that you put up with my insane Disney obsession, i love that you are a republican, i love that when something bothers you you speak up about it, i love how country you are (although im extreme gangsta haha), i love your cuddling skills, i love you BACK MASSAGE skills, i love the fact that you admit that you are a worse driver than Hellen Kellar, i love that your happy on a Fri night with just staying home and relaxing with me, i love your friends no matter how messed up and cooky they are, i love how soon we will no longer have a dating anniversary but now a WEDDING anniversary, i love how proper and courteous you are, and most of all I love you. Ok well till next time I wish you all the best and keep your heads up, ill be home soon enough.

-A1C Stephen "Goofy" Volheim

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