08 June, 2011

The BIG day: Round 1

May 21, 2011, was the longest, but best day of my life! It's going to take more than one post to sum up this day! So we'll start at the beginning. The night before the wedding, after the rehersal dinner, I went back to my parent's house with my sister and Scotti for a slumber party. (Ben and Brian made an appearance of course). Stephen and his groomsmen went out that night for one last hoorah before the wedding. (I needed my beauty rest!)

That morning, I was awake bright and early. The nerves hit like a ton of bricks! There was a swarm of butterflies flying around in my stomach and I was too anxious to close my eyes. So I got up. My mom was already up and getting ready. (**Side note: This wedding wouldn't have happened if it weren't for her! She kept me in line the whole way with planning, and the day of she had everything together. She should consider going into event planning!) She and some amazingly wonderful volunteers went out to Hemingway's and got set up. I wanted to go help so I could see how things looked together, but the schedule for getting ready wouldn't allow it. We had breakfast early, since we were all awake.

After breakfast, my Mom, Aunt Cheryl, and Sophie left to go get set up. Lindsay, Scotti, and I climbed into my mom and dad's huge bed and managed to get a couple more hours of sleep(which I was grateful for later!!) Then we started getting ready. We had some time to kill before my hair appointment so we ran to the mall in search of a new bathing suit for my honeymoon.
I found one at Victoria's Secret(my favorite!) and grabbed some lunch before finishing up the getting ready process. Lindsay and Scotti came with me to my hair appointment to keep me company.

My hair dresser was AWESOME!! I used Megan from 10th Ave Hair Design and she copied the picture I brought her to a "T"! I recommend her to any bride getting married in the Pensacola area! After hair was done we went back to my mom's to finish with make up and meet up with the rest of my beautiful bridesmaids.

We were finally all ready! (Except for my dress) So we loaded up the cars and headed out to the beach(talk about some serious nerves!) so I could get into my dress and we could take the pictures of the girls before everyone started showing up. My next post will be the wedding day summary and the wedding pictures, but that may have to wait until tomorrow night! It's already way passed my bed time! I'm slowly, but surely getting all caught up with our big weekend!

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  1. I don't know why I am just now reading this, but I've only gotten ONE haircut since moving to Pensacola almost a year ago . . . and it was from Megan at 10th Ave! She does great work :) You looked great, and now I need to read the rest of your posts...