08 June, 2011

Wedding weekend: Friday

And so it begins! Thursday was a nice relaxing day of hanging out. Friday was the kick off to all things wedding. I started my day by meeting my wonderful bridesmaids, and all of my family at the Village Inn for a yummy breakfast! It was a great way to get everyone together and start off the weekend in slow motion. After breakfast we all went down the road to my favorite nail salon to get our nails and toes done for the wedding. It was so relaxing(well as relaxing as you can be with this group!) and fun! I loved going with the whole group because we really took the time to enjoy it and hang out instead of rush through another appointment to get it over with before the wedding.

                                                   Baby Annisten got to come too! :)

With a group our size, this pretty much took all day. We got done at almost 1 in the afternoon. I had just about enough time to rush home, shower, and finish getting my stuff together(not to mention wrangle up the guys!) and then head out to the beach for the rehersal.
We had our rehersal at Hemingway's at 4:30. It took a few minutes to get it all together, but everything went really smoothly! I felt much better about everything once I saw it come together.

After our rehersal, we headed over to McGuire's Irish Pub for our rehersal dinner. Stephen's parents threw the rehersal dinner and it was wonderful! Everyone had a great time and the food there is always delicious! It was the perfect way to end our day.

                                                                My family at dinner

                                                                  Stephen's family

                                                             Handing out bridal party gifts
                                                      Whitney and her bridesmaid bag :)
                                                         Adam with his groomsman mug :)
                                  Shawn ordered the garbage burger... and actually ate it! YUCK!
                               The cute cake Stephen's mom ordered for us for the rehersal dinner! Disney and beach themed! Perfect!

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