08 June, 2011

Let wedding weekend commence!

I know, I know. I let another week pass, AGAIN! But here it is without further ado, the recap of our wonderful wedding festivities!

I took off work Thursday and spent the last day relaxing at the beach with friends. That night all of the rest of our family and friends got into town. I went to dinner with my family to our favorite local Mexican restaurant, and Stephen went out with his buddies that were in town for steaks and burgers(I will never understand men's obsession with beef!) After dinner, everyone met up at our apartment and we decided to go out for one last group outing so we headed to Seville Quarter to hang out at the Dueling Pianos show. Best way to spend our last night out together unmarried! We all just hung out and enjoyed each other's company and the awesome piano show. Our night wouldn't have been complete without a trip to the stage to celebrate the upcoming wedding with the entire bar! Leave it to our friends to make sure that happened! We were called on stage to play "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes" It was a blast. Round 1: we had to follow with the song and touch our own body parts. Round 2: we touched each other's body part as the song named it off. Round 3: We put our hands behind our backs and had to touch each other's body part with our head. (Ending the song in a lip lock as they got to "eyes, and ears, and MOUTH and NOSE) It was a cute idea and we had so much fun!

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