25 June, 2011

Saturday AND a day off!!

Saturdays off work have become rare with my new job. I work for a vacation rental company on Pensacola Beach and we typically rent our properties from Saturday to Saturday in the summer. Meaning: Saturdays mean all hands on deck!

This is my weekend off, which is SO nice I have to say. Last night, I made dinner and my sweet friend Whitney and her precious baby girl came to eat with us. It's great getting to catch up when she's in town! Stephen and I were pretty beat and went to sleep pretty much right after Whitney and Annisten went home. Stephen had to work today, but gets off tomorrow all day! Needless to say, I was wide awake this morning by 6a.m. and never went back to sleep. I caught up on some of my favorite tv shows, did some laundry, dishes, and straightened up some more then went on a hunt for some furniture for the new house.

We have two extra bedrooms now and they're practically empty. I'm on the search for a full size bed for one room, a futon for the other, and a new entertainment center for the living room. I drove all over Milton and Pace today without much luck. Back to Craigslist searching I go! I came home and had lunch and played out back with the pup for a bit. Now I'm debating a nap or the overhaul of my blog I've been meaning to do. I'm thinking probably nap now and then blog updating when I wake up :) I get frustrated with the computer software I have pretty easily, so I'm thinking being rested will help... wish me luck!

Hope everyone is having a wonderfully relaxing weekend! Happy Saturday y'all!

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