13 April, 2011

Barely made it in time for WILW...

So, I was laying in bed, the future hubs fast asleep already, when I realized.. I hadn't posted my What I'm loving Wednesday post! Ahhh! It's one of my two favorite posts for the week! So just in the knick of time, without further ado, here you go: :)
I love that Jamie @ LittleDaisyMay hosts this every week!

I love that I finally went grocery shopping today! (Boy, did we need food!) I love that I found this awesome tabouli mix so I could make homemade tabouli salad! One of my favorites! Unfortunatley for the guy that ones Four Winds market, I won't need to go in there to buy it anymore because it's way cheaper and just as delicious to make it myself!

I'm loving that we finally decided on, ordered, and are now currently waiting on Stephen's wedding band!(Good thing too since there's only 37 days til our wedding now!! Eeeep!)
I love it, because I think it's different! :)

I love, love, love that Stephen's been making the drive home every night in stead of staying on base and we've been able to cook/eat dinner together and watch our favorite shows! Pretty much my favorite past time! :)

I'm LOVING the awesome weather we've been having! Gorgeous, sunny, and warm all day and clear and cool enough to have the windows open at night! My skin sure is loving the tan!

I'm loving how LAZY my Natty dog is!

I'm seriously LOVING the fact that we've already gotten so many RSVPs back for the wedding! My mom called me tonight to tell me that she checked the mail today and had 18! 18!!! (They just went out on Friday), love that people respond so quickly! (Mom was excited but I think it secretly stresses her out a bit too, it's amazing how quickly weddings grow! ;)

I love that's already Wednesday and this week is already almost over.. next week is the last week of actual class then a couple finals... LOVE that!! Hello graduation! :)

LOVE life! Happy Wednesday y'all!

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  1. Ah! I'm so excited for you guys on the wedding. It seems like time is just flying by!
    That band is awesome, too. Gotta love that military men need that Tungsten..Jordan is being so simple with the ones he wants. I always am like "oh hey, this one is nice." and he always thinks its too much! He only likes the super plain shiny ones. Im a little upset about it. But you and Stephen definitely picked a cool and unique one!
    Glad y'all have gotten to spend so much time together at night lately <3