18 April, 2011

Quick Monday hello!

Hello all! I know I have been M.I.A. since Thursday(very BAD on my part!) But I was in Panama City Beach all weekend working for my dad at the SeaBreeze Jazz Festival with my cousin, Mandy. It was a loooong weekend of working, but we did manage to sneak in some fun! :)

Got home late last night and had to be up early this morning... started my first day at my NEW job!! (YES, I did get the job I interviewed for last week!! :)) I'm so excited! The people are so nice, and I love the work so far. Also, I got good news when I went in this morning that they decided to pay me more than they initially had said! The downfall is now I have to quit my current job. I'm going in the morning to put in my 2 weeks and it's going to be sad. I really loved the people I worked with!

I finally talked Stephen into moving the month after the wedding so I'm already in the process of looking at houses.. I love starting fresh in a new house! :) On the same note, we're now just over ONE month away from our wedding! WOW! So much still to do.

This is my last week of classes, just one presentation and 2 finals seperate me from graduation next Saturday! Since I was gone all weekend I'm in the process of catching up on some cleaning, laundry, organizing, and homework/wedding stuff. Needless to say I'm one more thought away from a mild panic attack! So I apoloize in advance I will probably be M.I.A. again this week since I work everyday until Sunday and need to wrap up homework and last minute wedding details.. hopefully I'll have a more interesting post soon.. i'm almost DONE!! :) Happy Monday y'all!


  1. Congrats on the graduation, wedding, and new job. M.I.A. can sometimes be absolutely AMAZING. I love the idea of a "new home" :)

  2. Congrats on everything! You have a lot of good things going for you. :)