06 April, 2011

It's that time again....

Yup, it's What I'm Loving Wednesday!! So tell us what you're loving today and head on over to this kind of love to link up!

Personally, today I'm loving that it's already WEDNESDAY!! Feels like the week just started but we're half way through. That means two things: 1) I only have three more weeks left in school FOREVER!! and 2) my bridal shower is on Saturday and I'm super excited!! I'm so blessed to have such awesome people in  my life to do something like that for me! I've showed them before but they're just so cute.. here are the invitations to my shower that I just LOVE ..

They were made by Jen @ Gaboodles, Ink. and she's into EVERYthing so definitley check her out!
I also love that this weekend means my wittle seestor will be coming home!! Beach day Friday! :) Excited to see her!

I'm loving this awesome weather we've been having, got a little cool the last two days but it's a nice reminder that it's still spring, not summer yet!

I'm loving that we got the honeymoon flights booked last night! My awesome soon-to-be grandparents-in-law were amazing for giving us their timeshare for the week, so Port Lucaya, Bahamas here we come!!

I'm loving that there are only 45 days until our wedding!! Finally picked the menu Monday night with mom and Stephen, just the last few little details and we're there.

I'm also loving that on Sunday my amazing cousin, Mandy FINALLY turns 21 and we'll be celebrating with her Saturday night!!

I'm loving that my airman finally went back to work after a 6 week "break"! I definitley miss him being home, but LOVE that he's back to work which means paycheck again! I'm also loving that him and Bryan have decided to carpool so he'll come home at night instead of staying on base. I wasn't too excited about that idea.

Of course, I'm loving my sweet fiance and puppy dog!

Happy Wednesday!! :)


  1. Yikes that is an ENORMOUS bone! Your honeymoon sounds like it is going to be amaaaazing! And I love your shower invitations :)

    New follower, please stop on by!

  2. cute blog! I love those quotes from Sweet Home Alabama!
    You have many things to be lovin' today hun!

  3. Ah so happy for you! Everything seems to be going so great. I will never get over how freakin' adorable those invitations are! Can't wait to hear more about the bridal shower ;)

  4. Thanks for playing along!

    What a wonderful honeymoon y'all are going on!