20 April, 2011

Just barely made it..

AGAIN!! My life has been so crazy this week that I just barely make it in time for my favorite link ups! And sadly, I haven't found time to write a real post... BAD! I will catch up soon, promise!! But for now, without further ado, What I'm loving Wednesdays!!
There's a LOT to be loving this Wednsday! 
I started my new job, and I'm seriously loving it!
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I'm loving that I turned in my LAST under grad presentation EVER today!!(However, I'm not loving these last few finals standing between me and graduation!!)
Product Image
I'm loving that I finally made myself decide on shoes for my bridesmaids! One thing to mark off the wedding check list! Which is good since we're officially at 30 days!!
And of course, I'm always loving my sweet, sweet boys!!
Happy Wednesday y'all! :)

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