12 April, 2011

Bridal shower, 21st birthday, job interview, OH MY!!

It's been a few days since I've posted anything, but boy has it been a whirlwind around here and it's only Tuesday! We had quite a weekend and it really hasn't slowed down since, so I will attempt to catch everyone up...

Saturday was my bridal shower! (I'm sure everyone remembers me counting down to it!) It was awesome! Lots of talking, laughing, and catching up with my family and friends. We played that clothes pin game where you steal other people's if they say a certain word but this version involved stealing the person's pin if they said the groom's name. Needless to say, mine was gone with in minutes. Some of my cousins were great at tricking other people by asking leading questions to get them to say Stephen's name. Too funny!
I didn't really get that many pins...
Me with all my WONDERFUL bridesmaids!! :)
We got TONS of great things, we're truly blessed!!!

It was an amazing time, and I'm so blessed to have so many amazing people in my lives and I'm truly thankful for everyone that came/helped with the shower!! THANK YOU!!

Three generations of mothers and daughters! :)
**Cool side note, my mom's friends from high school threw my shower, they were MOM'S bridesmaids.. how cool is that?!

As if, that wasn't enough for one day my cousin/best friend FINALLY turned 21!! So we had quite the night celebrating with her out at the beach! So glad she's legal!! :)
All 4 cousins.. all grown up!

Me and the birthday girl!
Me, my love, and our favorite little one, Trae!!

Happy birthday Mandy!! Welcome to the over 21 club! :)

Sunday naturally required some sleeping in! Then we went to have lunch with two of my best friends, Lisa, Whitney, and Whitney's sweet baby girl, Annisten! Then we made the trek into Pace to visit Stephen's grandparents and get all the details on our awesome vacation(AGAIN, SO blessed and grateful for this great opportunity!!!!)

We'll be spending a week in the Bahamas and Stephen's mom and grandparents have been down there a few times so they filled us in on all the do's and don'ts of the trip.... so can't wait to be here:
 The crazy thing is we will be there in 1 month and 9 days, and I'll be Mrs. Lauren Volheim :) Whoaaaaaaa so exciting!

Yesterday was less exciting.. class, trying to get them wrapped up. Only a week and a half left until graduation and I couldn't be more excited!!

Today, I went to my pilates class then had what I hope to be a very promising job interview. I won't say too much about that right now until I find out for sure.. they said I would know at the end of the week so until then prayers are appreciated! :)

Now to wait on the future husband to get home and hang out! Finally a quiet night in... I think lol. Hopefully just dinner and some chill time.. we still have a dining room table full of bridal shower gifts that need to be put away!!!

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful week! :)


  1. Ah, you are so gorgeous Lauren! Glad you had a wonderful bridal shower!
    I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you get that job! :)
    as always, xoxo